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No.4 Shobogun-Rofa Street, Beside Aviation Estate,
Off Airport Road, Mafoluku,
Oshodi-Lagos, Nigeria.
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+2348145475679, +2348177302725, +2348146523478, +23412900112, +23412900846, +23412900847 / Fax number : +1877-658-4744
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+1404-704-6475 / Fax number : +1877-658-4744
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Please email all inquiries regarding goeasyticket.com
offline advertising to info@goeasyticket.com, sales@goeasyticket.com, cargo@goeasylogistic.com
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Interested in forming an online partnership or selling online advertising to goeasyticket.com !
Contact us at info@goeasyticket.com, sales@goeasyticket.com, cargo@goeasylogistic.com
Partner Overview
Become a goeasyticket.com Hotel partner goeasyticket.com elps sell your unsold rooms via our unique opaque model, allowing you to easily generate guaranteed business. Best of all, we work with you to sell rooms when you need it most.
goeasyticket.com Makes Stuff Happen
When a traveler chooses goeasyticket.com we take on the responsibility of giving them exactly what they want – destination research, trip planning, booking their seat, ideas for what to do once they arrive, and personal reviews of hotels. Our systems turn all those tasks into a quick series of clicks.
For hotels and airlines that partner with us, we bring them the right customers and increase their direct bookings. We provide advertisers with the opportunity to target a highly valuable audience. What makes that all possible are technologies that we own, that we’ve developed in-house, and that we’re very proud of.